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Growing Up

I was talking to our son Greg about the recent loss of the Clemson football team to Pitt. His son, my grandson, Eli just began playing football this year--he is seven. Since he started to play football some, he has learned really fast about what the game is about and knows many of the college teams. Greg was telling me that, after the loss, Eli was really upset to the point he almost made himself sick (I doubt he was the only one!). Greg was surprised at the degree to which Eli responded to the loss. Eli is growing up and learning what it means to be disappointed.

They're Coming!

I had a friend of mine whose 'sidewalk did not seem to always go all the way to the street' if you get my drift. Like most of us, he would be pestered with those phone calls from telemarketers. He would allow them to begin their conversation and he would just say, "They're coming!". The telemarketer would not miss a beat and continue to talk. (Know anyone like that?) Then he would say, "They are coming, you know". At that point he had their attention. "Whose coming?" they would ask. "They are here", he would say. "Whose there?" "They are in the yard", he would replay.

CDC Progress

Often someone will inquire as to where we are as far as the Child Development Center is concerned. It seems that something always has to be done before we can do anything else! For instance, the bank has approved the loan but before we can actually sign for the loan a contractor must be hired and he must turn in a 'cost sheet' to the bank. Before we can hire a contractor, the property has to be topographically surveyed for site preparation and the architect's plans drawn up. Before it can be surveyed topographically, the trees have to be removed (at least most of them).

Child Development Center

This Sunday is a very important day in the life of the church. For several years the church has been planning toward a future that is strong and vibrant. There have been untold hours of work, study, and prayer put into the future vision of the church. We do not presume upon God as James 4:13,14 warns us about; rather we seek to follow God as James 4:15 teaches us "If the Lord will...". The church has been faithful in the challenge before us as together we have been able to pay off the property. Now we face the choice of starting construction.

Worship Event Sunday

What a great day we had this past Sunday at our Worship Event. I want to personally thank each one for their attendance and especially to thank each one that worked so hard to make this event such a success. More than anything I want to thank our Lord for all that he has done.

I often think that such an endeavor as the church has taken on is like looking at a huge, heavy wheel. At first it takes all of our strength just to get it started to turning. At first it turns very slowly. But little by little, the effort gets less, the momentum picks up, and the wheel begins to turn using its own weight as a plus rather than as resistance.

Worship Event Sunday

First, let me say how blessed we are that we missed the terrible storms that have hit most of the southern states. The last I have heard is that 173 were killed . We need to pray for all those who were in those storms.


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Merry Christmas

Dear Members and Friends,

I like Christmas time! Mostly because of the celebration of the birth of Christ. But, I like Christmas for other reasons as well. It is a time for family traditions. Traditions are not bad things; rather, traditions create both memories and continuity. I know, sometimes traditions can become outdated and boring. That is why style may change in how we carry on those traditions but the fact of carrying them on creates wonderful and heartwarming experiences.

I still remember the lights we used on the tree when I was a kid. I still am amazed that those old, hot lights did not catch the real, dried-out cedar tree on fire! We got one bag of fruit to be shared by the whole family as a gift from the cotton mill where dad worked. One toy, a shirt, and a pair of pants were the gifts because by that time we had outgrown the clothes we started the school year with. Parched peanuts were always fixed by our dad and they were a treat.


There is a song that children sang in times past which said "If you're happy and you know it ....". Happiness is a wonderful thing. Scripture tells us that a "merry heart does us good like medicine". It is true that many people are not very happy. Medicine makes us feel better and happiness can cure a lot of hurt in life. I think you would agree that it is sad when we no longer have a merry heart but there is a constant cloud which hangs over our hearts.

2010 VBS

So many have worked so hard to make this year's VBS successful. It is truly unbelievable the amount of work that goes into a successful VBS program. There is as much Bible taught in one week of VBS as there is in seventeen weeks of Sunday School. Each night we have two and one-half hours of Bible School which translates over five nights to twelve and one-half hours. Sunday School is about 45 minutes each Sunday. Seventeen weeks of Sunday School is 12.75 hours.

Hats off to Mrs. Tiffany Bratcher, our VBS Director, for the fine job she did. Tiffany was here at the church a couple of weeks before the start of VBS getting rooms and hallways ready; she began last February organizing the class with teachers; materials had to be ordered. However hard the week of VBS may be, ninety percent of the work is done beforehand by the Director and by the teachers and workers in getting ready. The kids responded tremendously and God has blessed.


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