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This past Sunday the church voted to purchase thirty acres of land on Masters Boulevard for the future vision of the church. We are in the process of securing a loan and doing the other necessary things in order to actually get the land into the church's name. This was a big step for the church but a necessary step in order to move ahead. We cannot do this without God's provision - that is one side of the story. We also cannot do this without God's people - we must be faithful. God has great things in mind for those who trust Him.


This Sunday night, January 31, we will begin a study on the Parables of the Kingdom of Heaven. Two of these parables stand out as great teachers for any church which is seeking to make a difference in the kingdom of heaven. The parable of the mustard seed and the parable of the yeast. Bottom line is that both of these were small in comparison to the end product; but the end product was big! Often times we, in our personal life and in the church, want what the Israelites wanted. They wanted Israel to be restored to greatness immediatly! We often want big things and we want them right now!

What a Great Year!

Dear Friends,
What a great year this has been! It is so wonderful to be a part of a church which expresses its appreciation in so many ways. The cards, the gifts, the cakes and goodies - you have shown you love to Diane and I in so many ways. All of the programs and decorations at church have been such a blessing to so many people. Everyone did such a great job.


What a great time we had at our Homecoming this past Sunday! Every thing was such a blessing and the presence of the Holy Spirit was POWERFUL Sunday morning. The choir did a great job. Thank you choir for blessing us so much. And Brother David Blizzard brought a tremendous message.

Then, that afternoon, the singing by "Sound Doctrine" touched our hearts. And the food filled our plates. The activities filled our lives with fun. To all of you who worked to make Homecoming special - "Thank You"!

Your Choice

Scripture encourages us to "choose life". Life as offered through Christ is not just physical existence. The life that Christ offers is eternal life. Eternal life does not just mean that we live forever. Eternal life begins at the moment a persons receives Christ as their Lord and Savior. At that moment the Holy Spirit comes into that life, changes that life, and that person becomes a new creation in Christ.

Vacation Is Over!

Dear church,

Diane and I had a great time on our vacation. We had the opportunity to spend some needed time with our children and grandchildren. The grands love the "seal pool" at the beach and we enjoyed having the time to enjoy being with them. During that time there were several deaths in/or related to the church. My uncle, Mark Mitchell, passed away. Stacy Jefferson and Casey Ayers passed away. We certainly were saddened to hear about their deaths.

Hearing From You!

If you read this blog, let me know!

Summer break begins!

Have you stopped today to pray? Have you stopped to thank God for His many blessings? I hope you have begun today as you would any day - with devotions and prayer. There is no shortage of the need for prayer. Our nation and others need us to be praying for them. Take out your prayer list right now and look at those names. Those are only the "tip of the iceberg when it comes to those who need prayer. I am sure that there are needs in your life as well. So please pray.

Latest News

I wanted to let you know, in case you have missed it, that Diane and I are the proud grandparents of a new baby boy. Our daughter and her husband had their first child, and our third grand child. They are doing well and adjusting fine. We were in Athens a couple of days during his delivery and their stay there.

Warm Weather!

We always have about two weeks of warm weather in February. It seems to happen every year. Then, right behind it comes March with its cold, blustery winds. It is nice to have a reprieve from the winds of winter and to be able to enjoy the warmth. Fruit farmers get concerned about their crops if it stays warm to long. Many people get expectant about Spring and some even 'jump the gun' on getting their gardens ready. But, it does not take long for reality to set in - it is still winter!


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