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Secretaries Day

In case you did not know it, Wednesday was Secretaries Day. We appreciate the work Cindy and Carol do for the church. Being a secretary means they must put up working with three ministers! It takes a lot of skill and personal expertise to be a church secretary. Why?


What a great revival we are having with Dr. Michael Cloer. His messages have been easy to understand but most important they have been straight from Scripture. Last night, Sunday night, he preached on the "Lordship of Jesus Christ". No one could go away from that service not understanding that the Lordship of Christ is central to salvation and to Christian living. The pure, plain, powerful presentation of God's Word is still the foundation of our lives.


This past Sunday was Diane's Birthday. About 1993, Diane went to the Medical University at Charleston for about a year to get her degree in Cytotechnology. During that time she stayed with a young couple who owned a mobile home. They rented half of their home to Diane. The husband was also a student at MUSC so he knew how to direct Diane to her classes and around town. God really worked all that out. Diane got a full scholarship into the program. It was God who got her into the program to start with. They only would take twelve students and over one hundred had applied.

Let it Snow!

Yes, we had some snow today. I don't know about you but I like to see snow. I just wish it would snow 4-6 inches so that it would really be pretty. We did not have Men's Fraternity today (Thurs.) due to the weather. As it turned out, the roads were okay. But, better safe than sorry. No one was hurt or ran off the road by staying home. If you are not in our Men's Fraternity, we are beginning the winter-spring series. This is a terrific study and I hope you will join with us at 6:00 am each Thurs.

Happy New Year!

Diane and I would like to wish each one of you a very Happy New Year. We had two great services yesterday. On Sunday morning we were challenged to remember the vision of the church and Sunday evening we had a special singing. This was a great way to cap off the year.

Good News!

The Sanctuary Choir did a fantastic job this past Sunday night. The singing was great and the attendance was good. This Sunday night the children will be presenting 'Bethlehem Gulch' which you will not want to miss. Then the Youth will be singing for us on Dec. 23 at the evening service.

What's happening!

I went to Pigeon Forge with the Senior Adults and we had a great time. The weather cooperated and the activities were super. The Seniors know how to have a good time! Furman did a great job putting the trip together. Everyone got home safe and sound. I had to room with Furman and that caused me to get caught up on my praying for sure!

1971 Class Reunion

This Saturday, Diane and I will be attending our high school reunion. We both graduated from Crescent in 1971. In fact, that is where we met. Diane had attended T.L. Hanna until her senior year in high school. That year her dad found out he had more land in district three than in district five so they gave Diane a choice to attend her final year at TL or at Crescent and she chose Crescent. I was coaching 'Powder Puff' football that year.

Good Morning!

We got an early start this Monday morning. David Chastiain is having knee replacement surgury today. We had a great day yesterday in both worship services as we observed the Lord's Supper in the AM service and continure our series on "Membership Matters" in the PM service. God truly blesses--We are blessed!


Last night the choir began recording their first CD. We actually began, Furman and I, by picking up Danny Wolf (recorder) at GSP around 1:30 pm. Took him out for lunch, then to the hotel. Furman went back to the hotel to pick him up for the recording that night.


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