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Last night the choir began recording their first CD. We actually began, Furman and I, by picking up Danny Wolf (recorder) at GSP around 1:30 pm. Took him out for lunch, then to the hotel. Furman went back to the hotel to pick him up for the recording that night.

Church Arithmetic

Multiplication is an interesting word. In Scripture, the number of people that followed Jesus was so large that the writers simply called them 'the multitudes'. In the book of Acts, at first we get a number of the people saved; then the church is said to have 'multiplied'.

Wisconsin Trip

Diane and I left out on Monday for Wisconsin to go on a 'Vision Tour'--at least we tried to leave. Our flight coming in to the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport was delayed from Atlanta which was going to cause us to miss our connecting flight out of Atlanta. So we had to switch planes and be rerouted through Chicago. Our flight was to leave at 10:45 am before the change; the switch to another route caused us not to get left until 1 pm. We had left the house at 8 am to get to GSP in plenty of time--we arrived at 9:10. So we had to wait until 1 pm to leave.

What's Going ON?

Busy Sunday with two funeral services. Are looking forward to a great weekend. Today we are at the hospital with Jimmy Lindsay who is having triple bypass surgury. Frank Beebe had to come to the hospital last night but seems to be doing okay.

For those of you who are into hunting, I put out two cameras and had deer on one and hogs on the other. Looks like we will have a hog killing.

Men's Fraternity Begins

Men's Fraternity began this morning at 6:00 am. I was up at 4:30 am. We had a great time and a good group of men. Some were newcomers and we thank God for them. Men's Fraternity is a great opportunity for all men to learn about authentic manhood. It is Scriptural and solid. This will change not only your life but the lives of those around you.

The Heat is Gone!

Everyone knows how hot this August has been. But today is a much better day temperature wise. This weekend is Labor Day Weekend and it is hard to believe that September is already here. We are preparing for the Fall schedule to begin as Men's Fraternity will start on September 6, AWANA's will start on September 5. Many great things are planned for this coming year and I hope you will be a part of them. If you have already been through Men's Fraternity, you will be blessed as you learn more about authentic manhood.

Ministry of the Pastor

This week has seen a lot of ministry opportunities. Monday was spent on study and prayer. On Monday night we had our deacons' meeting. Tuesday was mostly hospital, shutin, nursing home, and assisted living visitation. Today we are trying to get ready for our Wednesday Bible study, we have a Men's Ministry Meeting at 6:00 pm, and will meet with the Romeo Club for lunch today!


The weather is the main news for this week. It has been a scorcher!


There's that awful four letter word--WORK!

Back from Vacation

Diane and I had a good time on our vacation. The first part of the week we spent doing some things together and the last part of the week we spent with our children and grandchildren at the beach. We had a good time and like all vacations they must come to an end. It was hard to get started this morning back at work. We missed all of you and we missed not being here during the services. I know Brother Sam did a good job on Wednesday and that Weldon did a good job on Sunday morning and night. I appreciate having them to fill in for us when we are gone.


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