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Verse for Today--July 2, 2007

Here is a verse of Scripture which means a lot to me. In the day in which we live much is said about styles of worship. But true worship is what we do on a daily basis to glorify God. Here is a verse I would like to share with you; it comes from Isaiah 58:10,11, "And if thou draw out thy soul to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul; then shall they light rise in obscurity, and thy darkness be as the noon day.

People, people everywhere!

If you have stopped by the office lately you probably know that you were not here alone. This week the office has been (as usual) 'Grand Central Station'. The young people have been delivering meals on wheels and helping Southside with their Bible School this week. Also, the 'ROMEO' club meets today.

Last night we visited Frank Jefferson, he still needs our prayers.

Father's Day

We had a great day at Varennes on Father's Day. The men's choir did a tremendous job as they sang for us--what a blessing they were. Diane and I were blessed to have our children and their spouses with us in the worship service along with our grandchildren. We spent most of the day together. What a joy our families are.

This summer we have a great line-up. Be sure to get involved in these opportunities. Not only will they be a blessing to you but you will be an encouragement to others. No one can replace you or fill your spot--only you can do that.

Change of Itinerary!

Diane and I had planned to go to the Southern Baptist Convention in San Antonio this Saturday. But due to the tragic passing of Ashley Goolsby we have canceled our plans and will be here this next week. Please remember her family in prayer.

VBS Tuesday Game Day

Last evening, Monday, we had the privilege of talking to Mr. Ulas Broome, Sr., former semi-professional baseball player in the old Negro Baseball League. What an inspiration he was as he shared his personal testimony with us. His spirit and influence was one that exemplified Christ as he spoke of his hero, Jesus Christ. We were blessed and fortunate to have such a person with us.

VBS Game Day!

We have officially started Vacation Bible School. The first day has been great. Our special guest was Enoch from Enoch's Karate. We have had a great time and good attendance.

Our commentator's have been 'Stinky Shorts' Steve Wengerd, 'Strike-out' Sellers (Weldon), and 'the Doctor of Baseball' (myself). We have such a great time at VBS and the children and adults learn so much. Did I say adults? Yes! We have an adult class and they have a ball! They have lessons and do crafts--don't leave off the crafts or they don't like that.

Ministry Update

We started early this morning with the hospitals. Sonny Bratcher had his heart cath and got a good report. Buddy Wall had a feeding tube inserted into his stomach. Pray for Buddy. He has lost a lot of weight and is still very sick.

Then we went to pick up some things for VBS and some maintenance parts. This afternoon we visited NHC and saw Annie Lee, Ruby Evans, Brian Montgomery and a few others at the nursing home. Inbetween we worked in our study. Had a busy day. It is now almost 5:30 so stay tuned for tomorrow!

Back from the Break

Diane and I took the weekend off for a little break. I appreciate Weldon taking care of the services for me in my absence. On Friday, we went to the Botanical Gardens at Clemson and enjoyed them greatly. On Saturday we rode up to Brevard. They were having a festival so we did not stay too long. On the way back we stopped by Greg and Dawn's house to see them and the grandkids. Monday and Tuesday we worked around the house washing windows, vinyl siding, yard work, etc. On Tuesday night, Chrissy and Jake came by for supper.

Suffering with the Seniors!

Today, Thursday May 24, we went with the Senior Adults to eat at Yoder's in Abbeville. We had a good time and took the 'scenic route' back. We had to take the bus and the van because of the large group--40 in all.

God is so good to us. We went with the Seniors to Springmaid last week. Rev. Phil Keown spoke on Wednesday night. Last night we had Awana Graduation and it was great. We are so proud of those who work with the children and of the parents who bring them here.

Back safe but not so sound!

We made it back from the Senior Adult beach trip safely--but after spending four days with them being 'sound' might be questionable! We had a great time with them. Everyone enjoyed the trip and we look forward to going next year.

Of course, it was the beginning of 'biker week' and there were a quadzillion bike riders and bikes on display. But where we stayed was reasonably quiet and uncongested.

This Sunday is Graduate Recognition Sunday, May 20th, when we honor those who have earned a degree. Pray for them as they begin a new phase in their life.


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