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Sunday School

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In Sunday School, the Bible is the foundation of learning. Each age group from the youngest to the oldest studies the Bible at his own particular age level. In this atmosphere and with this philosophy of learning, each individual grows both in knowledge of the Scriptures and learns to apply the Bible to everyday life events. This learning builds up the body of Christ, which is the church, and equips individuals to use their unique spiritual gifts through the local church for the glory of God. Not only does this type of Bible study strengthen the church, but the individual and the home as well. Individuals can visit, pray and minister to one another during the week. This makes Sunday School a virtual “hub” of ministry from which people go out to serve and grow. We all become partners in prayer and ministry to one another. We become responsible to and for each other. No other organization in the church is as large as the Sunday School nor as well equipped to do ministry as the Sunday School. It is an exciting place to be! Being a part of Sunday School is a special opportunity for every member of the family. When the family grows stronger, so does the church. Come and you will find that Sunday School is especially for you.