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Men's Ministry

1923 Ford T-Bucket Project

"Sharpening men to walk according to the calling of God"

Our Men’s Ministry plans, promotes, and coordinates the men of the Church to be involved in ministry service in the community, state, and nation. They meet, fellowship, and learn about Men’s Ministries and promote opportunities offered through the state convention to gain a better understanding about Men’s Ministries.

From doing work around the houses of our shut-ins and widows of the church, to having “skeet shoots” on Saturday, our men set aside time from their busy schedules to fellowship with each other and minister to the needs of our church and abroad.

“The True Power of Men’s Fraternity lies in bringing men together to learn and listen to each other. There are no gimmicks—just an informal 45-minute teaching period by Pastor Kirt, followed by 20-30 minutes for men to gather in smaller groups to talk about what they’ve heard and how it applies to their everyday problems, and offer their mutual support. That’s important. And the impact can be felt not just in our lives—but also in our the workplace...and even the church.

Men’s Fraternity is about you. Discovering your strengths and weaknesses, strengthening your relationships, and making new ones. Through humorous insight and biblical wisdom, each study in this series addresses common problems men face. And how—together and with God’s help—we can overcome them. Are you ready to start a new chapter in your life? Plan to join us for this exciting new manhood study. And discover the adventure God intends for you.”

Our latest retreat CAMO is here.