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2010 VBS

So many have worked so hard to make this year's VBS successful. It is truly unbelievable the amount of work that goes into a successful VBS program. There is as much Bible taught in one week of VBS as there is in seventeen weeks of Sunday School. Each night we have two and one-half hours of Bible School which translates over five nights to twelve and one-half hours. Sunday School is about 45 minutes each Sunday. Seventeen weeks of Sunday School is 12.75 hours.

Hats off to Mrs. Tiffany Bratcher, our VBS Director, for the fine job she did. Tiffany was here at the church a couple of weeks before the start of VBS getting rooms and hallways ready; she began last February organizing the class with teachers; materials had to be ordered. However hard the week of VBS may be, ninety percent of the work is done beforehand by the Director and by the teachers and workers in getting ready. The kids responded tremendously and God has blessed.

One area we could have done better in though is the adults. Not in preparation but in attendance. The teachers prepared and they did a great job. Adults, remember, you set the example for the children; it is not about us but about them! We missed many of you! Just as a church will rise no higher than its leadership; children will rise no higher than the example that is set for them.

We had three this week to make a decision for Christ! What a joy that is to see these children respond. Everyone had a good time. Tonight (Thursday, June 10) is our Commencement. Hope you will be here.