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There is a song that children sang in times past which said "If you're happy and you know it ....". Happiness is a wonderful thing. Scripture tells us that a "merry heart does us good like medicine". It is true that many people are not very happy. Medicine makes us feel better and happiness can cure a lot of hurt in life. I think you would agree that it is sad when we no longer have a merry heart but there is a constant cloud which hangs over our hearts.

How can we have a merry heart? Does a merry heart depend upon the circumstances we are experiencing? Often we do tie the circumstances of life to our happiness - that is just human nature. But a merry heart goes much deeper than the circumstances of life; it involves our perspective on life. We may be sad because we have the wrong priorities in life and since our priorities are wrong we are "looking for happiness in all the wrong places". Things we thought would bring happiness instead only bring disappointment. We may be sad because we feel we have no purpose in life when we are seeking for purpose in the wrong things. We may feel as if life has no purpose or that we are in a situation which cannot be changed.

Scripture tells us that "the joy of the Lord is our strength". True joy and true happiness come from the Lord and serving Him. That means we must have a different source, purpose, and perspective on life. And the only one who can give to use the true happiness we seek is Jesus Christ. He is our joy and our strength. May our joy be full today!