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Worship Event Sunday

First, let me say how blessed we are that we missed the terrible storms that have hit most of the southern states. The last I have heard is that 173 were killed . We need to pray for all those who were in those storms.

This Sunday we will be having our Worship Event Sunday. I cannot over state the importance of this day. It is a time when we will covenant together as a church with each other and with God. This will truly be a high spiritual moment in the life of the church and in each individual life. Not in a long time have we been challenged on such a spiritual level. What do I mean by that? This will demand that each of us individually seek out God's leadership at such a crucial time in our life. It will mean that we all come "together, together" as one body in Christ. It means a reorganizing of our priorities as families and as a church. It means we must see and embrace the vision of this church, pray for it, and support it. Great challenges demand great commitment; and that is what we are doing. May God bless you as you pray about what God would have you to do. See all of you on Sunday.