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Worship Event Sunday

What a great day we had this past Sunday at our Worship Event. I want to personally thank each one for their attendance and especially to thank each one that worked so hard to make this event such a success. More than anything I want to thank our Lord for all that he has done.

I often think that such an endeavor as the church has taken on is like looking at a huge, heavy wheel. At first it takes all of our strength just to get it started to turning. At first it turns very slowly. But little by little, the effort gets less, the momentum picks up, and the wheel begins to turn using its own weight as a plus rather than as resistance.

We are beginning to see the wheel to start to turn. It will begin to become a help instead of resisting as we continue to be faithful. We must keep our eyes on the goal and our hearts in the work. There will be some bumps and uncertainties along the way. But there will be none that God cannot handle as long as we remain in His will and striving for His glory.