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CDC Progress

Often someone will inquire as to where we are as far as the Child Development Center is concerned. It seems that something always has to be done before we can do anything else! For instance, the bank has approved the loan but before we can actually sign for the loan a contractor must be hired and he must turn in a 'cost sheet' to the bank. Before we can hire a contractor, the property has to be topographically surveyed for site preparation and the architect's plans drawn up. Before it can be surveyed topographically, the trees have to be removed (at least most of them). So once the trees are out of the way, the surveying can be done, then the architect can draw his plans, then the contractor can do a cost sheet, and then the loan can be signed. I can sum all of this up into one word----PATIENCE! Each step gets us closer to being able to see something actually taking place. It won't be long so continue to pray for the Lord's blessing and leadership.