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They're Coming!

I had a friend of mine whose 'sidewalk did not seem to always go all the way to the street' if you get my drift. Like most of us, he would be pestered with those phone calls from telemarketers. He would allow them to begin their conversation and he would just say, "They're coming!". The telemarketer would not miss a beat and continue to talk. (Know anyone like that?) Then he would say, "They are coming, you know". At that point he had their attention. "Whose coming?" they would ask. "They are here", he would say. "Whose there?" "They are in the yard", he would replay. "Whose in the yard?" "Little green men", he would say. Then he would hear a 'click' as they hung up. He would get a kick out of the response of the telemarketers; but they did not call back--small wonder!

There is something coming, and it is almost here--it is right upon us! Happy New Year!