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Growing Up

I was talking to our son Greg about the recent loss of the Clemson football team to Pitt. His son, my grandson, Eli just began playing football this year--he is seven. Since he started to play football some, he has learned really fast about what the game is about and knows many of the college teams. Greg was telling me that, after the loss, Eli was really upset to the point he almost made himself sick (I doubt he was the only one!). Greg was surprised at the degree to which Eli responded to the loss. Eli is growing up and learning what it means to be disappointed.

Growing up is a 'double edged sword'. Teenagers look at growing up as having the freedom to do what you want to do and to make your own decisions. Adults have come to understand the huge responsibilities and often the burdens that come from growing up. The truth is, growing up is not easy. It is hard. Making mistakes, being disappointed, being accountable, having all of these responsibilities, being hurt, confused, and experiencing loss.

And, along with growing up physically, we also must grow up spiritually. We are no longer like babies or children; rather we must feed upon the Word of God, put on the armor of God, stand fast, be yielded to the Holy Spirit of God, and become mature believers in Christ. In all of the things we face, we know that Christ never forsakes us and that He always loves us. Becoming mature is a wonderful adventure that creates its own great rewards; being immature is its own 'sink hole' that creates its own losses.